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Josef Muller-Brockmann

Swiss designer Josef Muller-Brockmann established himself as one of the most important and prolific voices of twentieth century graphic design, setting up his own studio in Zurich ...More

Forty-Eight Posters: Josef Muller-Brockmann

Image Now's inaugural gallery launch in 2004 set a standard of excellence with a collection of 48 posters by the celebrated designer Josef Muller-Brockmann. As well as showcasing ...More

Josef Muller Brockmann: History of the Poster

History of the Poster, co-written by Josef and Shizuko M�ller-Brockmann, is a landmark account of one of the most prolific visual traditions of our culture. Originally ...More

Chaumont 2008

In 2008, the 19th International Poster and Graphic Festival of Chaumont pays tribute to Josef Muller-Brockmann, the undeniable master of Swiss graphic modernity. This is accompanied ...More

Today's Hieroglyphs

Swiss typographer and graphic designer Hans-Rudolf Lutz found the passion behind this book in the trash - literally. In 1975, he happened to notice the graphics on some cardboard ...More

Swiss Graphic Design

Swiss graphic design and 'the Swiss Style? are crucial elements in the history of modernism. During the 1920s and ?30s, skills traditionally associated with Swiss industry, particularly ...More

The Graphic Artist and his Design Problems

In this book, Josef Muller-Brockmann intends to show the nature and the meaning of the design elements in typography, drawing and photography in advertising. An important visual ...More

Switzerland Design and Travel

We love Switzerland! Let's go through some quick reasons why; Wolfgang Weingart, Josef Muller-Brockmann, Emil Ruder, Armin Hofmann, Basel School of Design, Vitra, and all the art ...More

Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design

M�ller-Brockmann's importance as a designer should not just be considered in a historical context. His posters are world famous for their visual tension and communicative ...More

20 Years of 010

Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design Artist: Josef Müller-Brockmann In April 2003 010 Publishers has been active for twenty years. During those two decades we have published five hundred ...More

IDEA Liquid 2

"IDEA Liquid" features the best of past selected articles and design which once appeared in IDEA but not available any more, but highly sought after. IDEA Liquid consists of eight ...More