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Piet Gerards

Piet Gerards: Graphic Designer
Artist: Otto Treumann

Piet Gerards work is often looked over by the masses, but for those that know, he is often looked at as a major figure in design. We highly suggest seriously looking at Piet's work and think you will love it as much as we do. This book presents a themed overview of the work of the graphic designer Piet Gerards. The works chosen are provided with a commentary by Gerards himself show how playful perfectionism and ironic aestheticization have come to typify his iconoclastic style of designing. A recalcitrant commitment and an interest in art history set Piet Gerards on the trail of modernism and the historical avant-garde at an early stage. Experimenting in that spirit, he developed during the course of three decades a wholly individual approach that strikes a balance between aesthetic ideals and usefulness. Ben van Melick describes and interprets Piet Gerards's development step by step: from self-taught man and left-wing activist specializing in posters and pamphlets to publisher and premiated maker of books, organizer of special cultural productions and graphic designer of many facets. Van Melick's penetrating scrutiny of Gerards's work is complemented by an exhaustive documentary overview of major biographical and culture-historical backgrounds. These forge links, unfold narratives and introduce friends in a telling account of Gerards's world. Working title: Piet Gerards, graphic designer is an unconventional portrait of an unconventional designer, agitating against the vagaries of the day.

Dimensions: 6.5″x9″ (inches)
Pages: 144
Languages: Dutch, English