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Graphic 01

Graphic 01
Finding a magazine that accurately picks up on, and authoritatively and convincingly presents the most important trends in today's international visual culture is an almost impossible task. Yet the need is obvious. Every creative person is readily inspired by groundbreaking and innovative work. Graphic goes in search of such innovation, visits the visual creatives who are changing their disciplines and brings their work to the reader. Graphic signals trends in a wide range of creative disciplines: graphic design, typography, animation, film, photography, illustration, advertisement, art, product design and architecture. A magazine about our thriving ?graphic? culture. Not a specialist graphic-design, photography, fashion or art magazine but a magazine aiming to look at contemporary visual arts and the people who create the images of our current visual culture from a new angle.

Graphic will appear four times a year, an impressive visual guide to convey the reader to the world’s ultimate creative hotspots. Leafing through Graphic, readers will feel they are visiting all the places they should be, seen all the work they need to see – until the next issue adorns their doormat. The theme of the first issue, is 'Location'. For its debut, Graphic’s visual correspondents have asked scores of renowned designers and visual creatives about what they are doing NOW. The result is a personal, intense and challenging take on international visual culture. Imported from Holland.

Dimensions: 9?x11.75? (inches)
Pages: 176
Edition: Softcover
Languages: English