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Grafik: Issue 140

Grafik is an independently published, monthly graphic design magazine. Based in London but serving the international design community, Grafik delivers a monthly dose of essential information, independent-minded editorial, the best and newest graphic design work, unflinching reviews, and outspoken opinion from industry personalities. Each month it takes an in-depth look at a subject from the graphic world in its Special Reports. These include typography, fashion, photography, sound and vision, art, graphic design heroes, process, design for good and advertising. Recognised as much for its design as its content, Grafik leads the way among design magazines with its fluid, progressive layouts, courtesy of London studio Malone design. Grafik is not to be missed by any designer looking to stay informed and inspired. This issue's Special Report is on Information Design.

Dimensions: 9″ x 12″ (inches)
Pages: 82
Edition: Softcover
Languages: English