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Thinking for a Living

The companion piece for a breakout session at the Dallas Society of Visual Communications 3rd Annual National Student Show & Conference: a starting place for a career in graphic design.

Thinking for a Living was created for those who believe that while design is a profession, it’s above all a passion. And as passionate graphic designers, we are obliged to ourselves, our industry and our clients to provide creative solutions that have persuasive branding messages, but also emotional power and aesthetic value. Students of design, young and old, literally have the world at their fingertips. More so now that at any time in history. There is virtually no limit to information nor access to it. No longer do you have to rely only on frayed design annuals, hearsay, and your campus library to explore design history, principles and applications. Google returns 1,140,000,000 results for the search term ?design? in 0.07 seconds. That’s one point one four billion. Blogs and online magazines can inform you instantly of new developments. Cultural awareness feeds great design, but where do we begin the feast? The aim of this project is to shine light from different sources on designing in a flat world.

Thinking for a Living is a collection of recommended readings and online links gathered over the years from various reliable sources. Together they illustrate the wide variety of tools modern designers have at their disposal and the breadth of influences we should have.

Dimensions: 6″ x 9″ (inches)
Pages: 42
Edition: Softcover
Languages: English