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Why have sneakers become so popular? Why are they regarded as a symbol of ?coolness?? What social factors have influenced these developments, and why do some people have closets stuffed full of sneakers?

Sneakers have long since become a part of everyday life. They are socially acceptable and have gained the status of a cult object. Sneakers are now worn even to opera performances. Over the course of its one-hundred-year history, the role and significance of sneakers have changed considerably. The shoes have attracted a steadily growing fan community and are now worn by people in virtually every walk of life. And they have also contributed to the breaking down of strict boundaries between traditional shoes and sports footwear.

Karin Glarner, the author of this publication intended to address as many of the relevant aspects as possible. And so this richly illustrated book is concerned with social issues and factors that influence fashion and lifestyles, with technical aspects, with companies in the industry, and with the origin and history of the sneaker itself.

Dimensions: 11.5″x8″ (inches)
Pages: 176
Languages: English