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Life Size

Objects at their actual size and shape – Change your perception of how a book is used and how it behaves. A collection of investigations into and fascinations with the scale of objects; intended to be practical and thought-provoking.

This book is a collection of ideas, fascinations and frustrations; with object language, the creation of new spaces, navigation, scale and colour. It was conceived as a site-specific project, with content being formatted according to two primary themes.

The first theme looks at using the constraints of the book as a unit of measurement, to highlight the size of the objects being represented. This dictates how the objects are displayed, whether it be on one page or across a series of pages. Through showing these objects at life size within the format of the book, the reader is encouraged to engage with them in a different way.

The second theme concentrates on the design and creation of objects that, through the reader’s participation, can be used within real life situations, such as a place setting at a dinner table. By incorporating these objects, our ambition is to change the reader’s perception of what a book can be and how it behaves.

Dimensions: 8.25?x10.75? (inches)
Pages: 166
Edition: Softcover
Languages: English