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At the end of each year the KVGO(the Dutch Association of the Graphic Industry) produces a special yearbook for it's members and friends in association with a chosen graphic designer and a consortium of printers, binders, paper companies and packagers. The subject matter and the design is different each year and the quality of each yearbook depends on the team assembled.

Irma Boom, one of the worlds leading book designers, has taken on the conception and design of this years 'Grafisch Nederland 2005'. She has chosen 'colour' as the medium to investigate the worlds of art and graphic design in an exceptional piece of printed matter. Printed in 80 PMS colours on 168 uncut but perforated pages which must be opened by the viewer, the publication is an undisguised, intriguing end-report of a graphic exploration, analysis and translation of eighty well known paintings, from both old-masters as well as contemporary artists. The paintings are shown as diagrams, in lines and planes that mirror the pallet of the painter.

Which PMS yellow would Vermeer have used for his 'Milk Maid'? We only have access to a limited number of copies of this exceptionally designed yearbook which will certainly become a collectors item.

Dimensions: 9?x12? (inches)
Pages: 168
Edition: Softcover
Languages: English, Dutch