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Stash 47

Stash 47 delivers 90 solid minutes of eye-twitching, brain-banging inspiration and insight stuffed into one sleek package including behind-the-scenes extras, bonus films, bonus MP3 tracks and a 40-page book of stills, production notes, credits and links for every project.

PLUS you?ll also find the latest Stash BONUS DISK packed with in-depth selections of work from Buraco de Bala, Kotoc, Tribbo Post, Grow Design Work and Packshot.

The main program opens with Goodby and Animal Logic’s spectacular exercise in pushing the speed limit of a genetically enhanced rabbit for Comcast and then zigzags sharply as we connect with an evil microwave-generated cell phone demon from The Mill for Net10, lyrical musical dexterity for HP from Psyop and a series of surreal glimpses of a dystopian future for Metal Gear Solid 4 from Logan.

The broadcast design section gets off to a massive start with BUF and Fox Sports teaming up for the MLB All-Star game, followed by six out-of-control clips for Fuse from Blacklist directors Cisma, Pistachios, Friends with You, David Lobser, Holbrooks and Nanospore, a fiery double-decker driving stunt from Absolute for Channel4, killer-robot soccer stars from Kotoc for Cuarto, dangerous skateboard action from Royale for Fuel and a frantically strange MTV promo from PepperMelon called ?The Fabulous Farting Valley of the Fat Farts?. Seriously.

The second half of 47 takes us all over the planet and all over the map in terms of styles, techniques and tone. Paris-based Deubal’s retro-flavored film titles lead us into the dense and moody music video for Manchester Orchestra from Hollywood’s Destroy Rock Music, followed by CG prowess from both Thornberg & Forester in New York for the AICP and Stuttgart studio BlackMountain VFX for Lassa tires.

We also stopover with Sehsucht in Frankfurt, Passion Pictures and Nexus Productions in London, View in Paris, dyrdee in Berlin, Metropolitana in Barcelona, againstallodds in Stockholm, Dancing Diablo in Caracas, Digital 21 in São Paulo and Renmotion in Melbourne.

And we close the issue with a short film unlike any you have ever seen. It’s called ?The Life Size Zoetrope? and was directed by Mark Simon Hewis for Animate Projects and Channel4. Nineteen months in the making, the film wrangles several dozen volunteers working oversized flipbooks while whirling around a carnival ride. The result is both mesmerizing and spectacular.

The BEHIND THE SCENES features on 47 give you a look into the toil and trouble that went into creating Logan’s series of innovative mock-commercials for Metal Gear Solid 4, Cocoe’s stylish Micropoems for laSexta, Destroy Rock Music’s rich and layered ?I Can Barely Breathe? music video for Manchester Orchestra and BlackMountain’s pristinely rendered spot for Lassa.

The SIX BONUS FILMS on 47 were all winners in the 2008 Channel Frederator Awards including the Bad Ass Bunny Award winner ?In the Beginning? by Choom Lam, Best Foreign Film & Best Music Video ?Anfang Anzufangen? by Alex Gellner, Kiwi Award ?Sparkle Friends in Rock ?em, Sock ?em? by Muk Puddy, Youngest Filmmaker Award ?Ace & Aqua? by Stephen Levinson, So Cute It Hurts Award ?Bobble & Sqweek? Choom Lam, and the Vanguard Award ?Internet People? by Dan Meth. The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 47 includes 10 MP3s from the brilliant indie label Ghostly International – a full album’s worth of listening delight including tracks from School of Seven Bells, Michna, JDSY, Osborne, Tycho, Daso, Matthew Dear, Kiln, Lusine and Sami Koivikko.

NTSC/Regional code is ALL.