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Stash 46

If you?re ready for something different and lots of it, Stash 46 is your beast. This issue packs an hour-long main program, seven Behind the Scenes features and three bonus films into a 90-minute explosion of unpredictable brilliance.

Stash 46 opens with one of the most striking and memorable self-promo films you are ever likely too see. It’s a dark and cheeky effort called ?Postman Returns? full of military mayhem and crazed carnivores direct from the twisted young minds at Amsterdam’s PostPanic.

After that opening volley, the game can go anywhere and it does – first to the mesmerizing night-time light paintings from director Tak Kuroha and Dutch art collective PIPS:lab for the Ford Kuga. Then it's off to the chroma-challenged dystopian future with Digital Domain for Mazda before heading to Japan for a psychotropic new game cinematic for Konami from Digital Media Lab, onwards and upwards to Hamburg to catch the newest clips from Sehsucht for Mercedes.

It swings back through New York for a peek at Tronic’s new widescreen magic for SONY HDNA before finally catching the red eye to New Zealand for a gander at Yukfoo’s pair of eye-popping spots that promise to balance your karma after playing Sega’s ?Condemned 2?.

The broadcast and motion design section is just as international and even more eclectic: It starts (with tongue firmly in cheek) at Oceanwarmair who intro you to the riveting world of snail racing for Nick UK; Taiwan’s first HD channel gets a rich and tasty package from JL Design in Taipei; Copenhagen-based Thank You studio slams handmade and hi-tech together for Danish Radio’s music award show; London’s Dstrukt goes where few have gone before for Sci Fi movies; and Wanda keeps toddlers and parents glued to the tube for French cabler Tiji while Prologue keeps audiences glued to their seats with the end titles for Ironman.

The visual globetrotting continues in the second half of the program, from the logical expressionism of the new data-driven Interpol video from LA’s Blip Boutique to the head-spinning fun, hilarity and just plain whackiness of projects like Weebl’s ?Walk in the Woods? short, ?H.P.A.M? from Jake Portman (aka notactualsize), El Niño’s ?Better than Prince? video for Flairs directed by Jonas&François, Sherbet’s stellar new ?Snow Angel? short for Sony based on a story by John Malkovich, and the closing project, a surreal tale of campified villains and heroes told with a tour de force of clip art by Run Wrake for Veer.

Also not to be missed on Stash 46: the latest standout projects from Framestore CFC, Passion Pictures and Nozon.

Plus, Behind the scenes features offering insightful looks at the blood, sweat and tears that went into the making of: PostPanic’s ?Postman Returns?, Birdo Animation’s quirky ?ResFest 10? opening, Thank You’s “Boogie Prisen” broadcast design package, JL Design’s ?HiHD? launch spots, the ambitious new Thay Khay music video by Laposta Cine, PetPunk’s charming multi-media extravaganza for their hometown of Vilnius and director Laurie J Proud’s enigmatic ?Snow Angel? short for Sony.

The Bonus Films on 46 make up the third in the series of Student Mini Film Fests demonstrating the refreshing range of styles and techniques explored by the most talented of recent graduates. This program includes ?Toumai? by Carlos Stevens from the Art Institute of Portland, ?Lilium Urbanus? by Aca Risca and Joji Tsuruga from the School of Visual Arts in NY, and ?Chump & Clump? by Sacher & Herm from HFF ?Konrad Wolf? in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 46 arrives courtesy of stash's first Japanese indie label. Far East Recording works out of Tokyo and have sent six MP3 tracks from electronic artist Omodaka to awaken and expand your audio lobes.

NTSC/Regional code is ALL.