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Stash 44

From over-the-top beer comedy to shiver-inducing PSA drama, and from monstrous macho motor sports to love-struck gay Samurai – Stash 44 is a jolting ride through the very best animation and VFX being produced right now.

This issue starts at 10,000 feet with Animal Logic dropping Carlton Draft into a huge two-minute spot exposing the dangers of drinking while skydiving. Then it's off with Terry Jones and the BBC to catch first-hand documentary proof that a new species of penguin (Penguinealia digitalus) can actually fly.

From Antarctica it zips to China where Psyop draw on their innate talent for visual poetry to reveal the inner struggles of young Olympic diving hopeful Hu Jia. Then, just when you were getting comfortable, a different kind of struggle is brought into stark focus in one of the most powerful and resonant PSA’s you will ever witness (with chilling VFX by Absolute Post in London).

The surprises keep coming with Nexus director Woof Wan-Bau taking the surreal route for Nomis soccer boots, Rune Entertainment’s hilarious role-playing gamers for Gibsons, and Three Legged Legs? hand-drawn creatures adding the spark to Michael Mann’s new Sprint spot.

Broadcast design on Stash 44 swings from the stunning black and white ShowTime spot from Spark to the blaring chroma and kooky character work of PandaPanther for MTV TR3S, Bermuda Shorts for CBBC, and CA Square for Sí TV (on the cover).

Here’s a quick taste of the insane variety on the rest of the main program: BlackGinger kicks in a pool of five spots for South Africa’s 5FM, Mathematic channels the Eighties for Kap10Kurt’s new ?Danger Seekers? video, Lobo cuts up for the MixBrasil film festival, Onesize pumps up O?Neill’s new product launch, Red Rover makes a ?DANDY? of a TV pitch, Transistor escapes with Hyundai, Mixtape Club and Yeasayer ?Wait for the Summer?, The Orphange curb their cartoon urges with Nicoderm – plus notable new work from Hatch Studios, Not to Scale, Play Airways, DAf, ManvsMachine, Maxin Zhestkov, and Chez Eddy.

Stash 44 presents proudly two new discoveries: The first is KOO-KI, a Japanese studio who sent their hyper-kinetic ?No Same Way? clip for Honda. Second, a Parisian company called Cube Creative who animated the closing piece on this issue, a magical music video for Dionysos called ?Tais-toi mon Coeur?.

The 10 BONUS FILMS on 44 are the winners of the onedotzero/MTV ?Bloom? competition where new filmmakers, animators and other creatives were invited to send in a treatment for a one-minute film that explored the identity and community of their hometown. These 10 films were commissioned from over 200 submissions from 30 countries.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 44 is an ear-opening onslaught of indie music from a very cool label called Suicide Squeeze Records. Grab free MP3 tracks from Chin Up Chin Up, Minus the Bear, Page France, Russian Circles, Six Parts Seven, The Aislers Set, and Black Mountain.

NTSC/Regional code is ALL.