The YouWorkForThem Book Archive

For eight straight years we were involved with providing the design community with one of the best, most original and creative book collections online. We brought books like Muller-Brockman's Grid Systems to the masses and helped many independent designers/publishers rise to new fame. In 2009, we decided to stop selling these books in order to focus on our passion of being Graphic Designers and developing fonts/stock art. When the section went offline we had a huge response of sadness because people could no longer reference this information. In response, we have posted this important data back online here, with the proper links to find these items at Amazon (ironic right?). If you would like to help support this library of creative information, click the links from our site to purchase on Amazon and we will gain a little bit of percentage on the sale. You can also drop by YouWorkForThem and grab some beautiful font/stock art collections. Thank you, to all of you who helped support our book section for those eight years of operation.

Henri Cartier Bresson: The Impassioned Eye

Heinz Bütler's Henri Cartier Bresson: The Impassioned Eye is a mature, evocative biography of the man considered to be the greatest photographer of the last century and the ...More

Designed Life: Houses

Designed Life: Houses Designed Life: Houses presents more than just space and design. It will offer an exploration of the character and mood of places, which are usually the ...More

Bauhaus, Modernism and the Illustrated Book

This lively and authoritative book explores the influence of the Bauhaus and modernism on typography and book design. Distinguished book designer and author Alan Bartram examines ...More

El Croquis 139: Sanaa Sejima Nishizawa 2004-2008

Increased international attention has led to an acceleration of output for this Japanese practice and its two principle partners. The four year period covered by El Croquis has ...More

It's a matter of Editorial Design

In this third installment of the Amatterofdesign series, the focus is editorial design, primarily exploring books, magazines and periodical publications. The intent is not to instruct ...More

Grafik: Issue 144

Grafik is an independently published, monthly graphic design magazine. Based in London but serving the international design community, Grafik delivers a monthly dose of essential ...More

Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art

Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art features over 1000 skateboard graphics from over the last 30 years. But the book is far more than a gallery of photos - longtime skateboard ...More

Bruno Munari: Original Xerographies

From the Workshop Series, Original Xerographies is an amazing look at some of Bruno Munari's early studies and experiments of working rules of copiers available in the 1970s. ...More

Stash 25

Stash 25 is their biggest issue ever. It includes a full line-up of stellar international animation, vfx and monograph projects and behind the scenes material PLUS all 15 winners ...More

Vitra Sketchbook: Tadao Ando

The medium is certainly the message in this clever series of architect-designed sketchbooks, which sum up the essence of several of our leading contemporary architects in pocket-sized, ...More

Toon Tellegen: A New Era

This 2008 graphic yearbook showcases the best capabilities and possibilities of the Dutch graphics and printing industry, this annual publication has slowly developed into a collector's ...More

Hidden Graphics

Hidden Graphics Editor: Òscar Guayabero and Jaume Pujagut Aimed at rediscovering the most experimental and least-known graphic designs created in Catalonia between 1965 and ...More

Carlo Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa Carlo Scarpa was a virtuoso of light, a master of detail, a connoisseur of materials. In his lifetime he was often dismissed as "merely" an artist who also wanted ...More


Smidswater was one of the first design bureaus to be established in the Netherlands. Renowned for its surprising and distinctive achievements in the fields of strategy, concept ...More

Stash 22

Stash 22 Perhaps our most eclectic compilation of work to date, Stash 22 is stuffed with bold animation experiments and genre-bending VFX and design work. BONUS programs in this ...More

Outerspace Hillbilly

Please note: This book is out of print and in very limited supply. The sought-after catalog from the Outerspace Hillbilly show at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. Scratchy ...More

1000 Favorite Websites

1000 Favorite Websites n the not-too-distant past, the ?internet? was a military communication device virtually unknown to civilians. Then in the 1990s came an explosion, a sort ...More

Motion Blur: Reprint

An investigation into the end of celluloid. An enquiry into new forms of digital film and moving image. onedotzero's adventures in moving image capture the next generation ...More

A Magazine 5: Martine Sitbon

Sitbon's wardrobe is a clever contemporary mix of references that borrow from late 19th century dandyism, rock iconography and secretive images taken from movies and historical ...More

Graphic 08

With a new and expanded book format Graphic 08 goes to war against functionalism. If ?ornament is a crime? as Adolf Loos once declared, then most of those featured in this volume ...More

Hand Job: A Catalog of Type

In this digital age of computer-generated graphics and typography, it's refreshing to find typographers who still believe in working by hand. No longer relegated to designer's ...More