The YouWorkForThem Book Archive

For eight straight years we were involved with providing the design community with one of the best, most original and creative book collections online. We brought books like Muller-Brockman's Grid Systems to the masses and helped many independent designers/publishers rise to new fame. In 2009, we decided to stop selling these books in order to focus on our passion of being Graphic Designers and developing fonts/stock art. When the section went offline we had a huge response of sadness because people could no longer reference this information. In response, we have posted this important data back online here, with the proper links to find these items at Amazon (ironic right?). If you would like to help support this library of creative information, click the links from our site to purchase on Amazon and we will gain a little bit of percentage on the sale. You can also drop by YouWorkForThem and grab some beautiful font/stock art collections. Thank you, to all of you who helped support our book section for those eight years of operation.

306090 06: Shifting Infrastructures

This new journal, fast becoming a staple in the architectural community, aims to revitalize, reform, and rebuild the profession by showcasing the work of promising students, young ...More

Me In My Bag

One hundred Londoners were asked to answer a simple questionnaire and bare their soul by opening up their personal carry bag and share it with the rest of the world. The results ...More

Creative Review: July 2008 Issue

UK Based, Creative Review is the world's leading monthly magazine for visual communication. For 27 years, Creative Review has brought its readers the best new work, most exciting ...More

Ubersee 3

Ubersee remains the perfect place to discover visual pearls amid modern design's flotsam. And, as always, it's free of both advertising and trends. With sunshine in their hearts, ...More

Design is One

Vignelli is a powerful name in graphic design. Massimo learnt early in his career that a designer should be able to design everything?hence, ?design is one.? Lella and Massimo ...More

Made in Japan

Made in Japan'these three simple words conjure playful wit, a delight in detail, formal elegance, and graphic energy. Author of Made in China, Reed Darmon has collected hundreds ...More

Experiments with Letterform and Calligraphy

This book is dedicated to the calligraphic experiment and to calligraphy as one of the fundamentals of understanding letterform. Normally calligraphy involves the faithful reproduction ...More

IDEA Number 308

IDEA NO. 308 : Mevis & Van Deursen Special Feature: Mevis & Van Derusen Recycled Works 1990-2005, On works of Mevis & Van Deursen / Works of Tatsuya Ariyama--Another Common / ...More

Dot Dot Dot Issue 9

Insert Name The journal whose very name promises more to come delivers two issues this season. There aren't too many places to find intelligent, passionate, and witty writing ...More

Genevieve Gauckler: Gas Book 15

Genevieve Gauckler: Gas Book 15 Genevieve Gauckler is a Paris based artist who creates numerous lovable characters, blends them into everyday life scenes and turns the fantastical ...More

Carsten Nicolai: Static Fades

Berlin-based artist and musician Carsten Nicolai, born in 1965, is one of very few contemporary artists who convincingly work in the conflict zone between art, science and sound. ...More

Stenberg Brothers

Stenberg Brothers Essays: Christopher Mount and Peter Kenez The Stenberg brothers, like their contemporaries Aleksandr Rodchenko and El Lissitzky, were artists of immensely varied ...More

Designing Design

Representing a new generation of designers in Japan, Kenya Hara (born 1958) pays tribute to his mentors, using long overlooked Japanese icons and images in much of his work. In ...More

Type One: Discipline and Progress in Typography

Type One: Discipline and Progress in Typography Typography today exists in conflict with classical font design and contemporary influences such as analogue distortion, screen applications, ...More

IDEA Number 302

Scandinavian Designers Nowadays Io / COMPANY / Mai-Britt Amsler / PRODUCTS OF PLAY AS / √Ārmann Agnarsson The interest in "Scandinavian Design" such as architecture and furniture ...More

Housing for the Millions

The Dutch Foundation for Architectural Research (SAR) was established in 1965 as research institute and remained active until the beginning of the 1990's. Its innumerable research ...More

Idea Number 325

The Special Feature "A Natural History of Printers' Flowers" includes these articles: Taro Yamamoto on "Fournier's Ornaments," Yoshihisa Shirai's "On Printers' ...More

Empire: Nozone IX

Empire: Nozone IX Editor: Nicholas Blechman Welcome to EMPIRE. Billions drink its sodas, listen to its music, breathe its air, drive its cars, smoke its tobacco, practice its ...More

Japanese Patterns 4

Traditional Japanese embroidery patterns are these days used in interior design, craftwork, fashion and architecture. This volume contains 200+ patterns of designs with flowering ...More

FARMAX: Excursions on Density

Vast areas of the Netherlands and other states seem to be filling up with a suburban 'matter', of low cost housing, low rent offices, warehouses and other low density ...More

Behind The Beat

The revealing photographs found within the pages of Behind the Beat expose the creative spaces of top DJ's and music producers from the UK and US. This book is an open invitation ...More