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For eight straight years we were involved with providing the design community with one of the best, most original and creative book collections online. We brought books like Muller-Brockman's Grid Systems to the masses and helped many independent designers/publishers rise to new fame. In 2009, we decided to stop selling these books in order to focus on our passion of being Graphic Designers and developing fonts/stock art. When the section went offline we had a huge response of sadness because people could no longer reference this information. In response, we have posted this important data back online here, with the proper links to find these items at Amazon (ironic right?). If you would like to help support this library of creative information, click the links from our site to purchase on Amazon and we will gain a little bit of percentage on the sale. You can also drop by YouWorkForThem and grab some beautiful font/stock art collections. Thank you, to all of you who helped support our book section for those eight years of operation.

Stash 32

Stash 32 If content is king then Stash 32 rules over a big, crowded, happy country. The trip through the main program starts with the elegant and sensual new Joseph Kosinski/Speedshape ...More

Illustration Play

Illustration Play explores new trends in handcrafted illustration, each of which lends a welcome departure from digitally generated graphics. In a bold departure from the pixel ...More

12 Inch Sleeves: Disco Graphics

As a DJ, Toni Rubio had always wondered if some records got played more just because they looked good. Rubio, now a graphic designer, has selected these hundreds of vinyl maxi-single ...More

100% Direct Marketing: Fascinating Mails

As promotional materials have evolved to conform to recent advances in technology and new media, styles have expanded to incorporate sophisticated design that reaches far beyond ...More

Heart and Torch – Rick Griffin's Transcendence

Presented in a lush oversize format, this comprehensive, career-spanning catalog features work from an exhibition organized by Laguna Art Museum. Heart and Torch: Rick Griffin's ...More

Robots: Spaceships and other Tin Toys

Now that computer games have come to stay, tin toys have become obsolete for today's children. For those of us who remember them from times past, these tin toys can transport ...More


Interesting patterns and textures can lend excitement and a professional appearance to any design and solve problems for artists seeking a slick finishing touch. Culturatextura ...More

Typography Today

Typography Today introduces the selected works of 88 designers from 15 countries. It traces the course of modern typography from pioneers such as Lissitzky, Tschichold and Zwart; ...More

Atmosphere 02

Atmosphere 01 Atmosphere covers a lot of ground with many features and wonderful photography. This magazine covers people, places and media existing in the world of graphic imagery. ...More

RE:UP Issue 03

The third edition of RE:UP Downtempo Music Magazine features an exclusive interview with Ninja Tune's Mr. Scruff and producer extraordinaire DJ Spinna asking each other questions ...More

Oriental Designs 2

Thematically organised into 22 different categories of illustrations, patterns and designs including: designs and crests, musical instruments, toys, flags, streamers, furniture ...More


Karacho Established in 1624, Japan's Karacho design house holds over 650 hand-carved woodblock designs. An important influence on 19th-century European wallpapers and textile ...More

Kultur Toilette

Monographic limited edition book published by the people from Rojo magazine about ALBERT BERTOLAN, one of the members of the band-collective GLAZNOST. Dimensions: 4.5" x 5.75" ...More


Fashion illustration is seen as post-photography and becoming a mainstream of fashion magazines. Nine worldwide artists are featured, such as Charles Anastase, whose collection ...More

Active Literature: Jan Tschichold and New Typography

Jan Tschichold (1902-1974) is considered by many to be the most influential typographer of the twentieth century. A leading voice of the modernist movement, Tschichold oversaw ...More

Sentence 01

Sentence is a Limited edition newsprint zine created by YouWorkForThem. Only 1000 copies were printed. The zine was concepted and created by means of distant collaboration between ...More

Swiss Graphic Design

Swiss graphic design and 'the Swiss Style? are crucial elements in the history of modernism. During the 1920s and ?30s, skills traditionally associated with Swiss industry, particularly ...More

Tartan Check Patterns

Title: Tartan Check Patterns Details: This book shows not only the wide variety and stunning color patterns of Scottish tartans, but gives an overview of tartans that have been ...More

Ausbildung in typografischer Gestaltung

Ausbildung in Typografischer Gestaltung contains activities and processes Hans Rudolf Lutz experimented with during his twenty years of teaching typography at the Swiss, Gestalterschulen. ...More

Idea Magazine 309

Idea Magazine 309 The 309th volume of Idea Magazine introduces various designers who add new meaning to design from the other space of graphic design. They are capable of producing ...More

Tanaka Ikko: Graphic Master

Tanaka Ikko (b. 1930) is one of the established masters of Japanese graphic design. His work draws together influences from East and West, acknowledging the vocabulary of European ...More
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