The YouWorkForThem Book Archive

For eight straight years we were involved with providing the design community with one of the best, most original and creative book collections online. We brought books like Muller-Brockman's Grid Systems to the masses and helped many independent designers/publishers rise to new fame. In 2009, we decided to stop selling these books in order to focus on our passion of being Graphic Designers and developing fonts/stock art. When the section went offline we had a huge response of sadness because people could no longer reference this information. In response, we have posted this important data back online here, with the proper links to find these items at Amazon (ironic right?). If you would like to help support this library of creative information, click the links from our site to purchase on Amazon and we will gain a little bit of percentage on the sale. You can also drop by YouWorkForThem and grab some beautiful font/stock art collections. Thank you, to all of you who helped support our book section for those eight years of operation.

New Masters of Poster Design

In much the way that the CD replaced the album, the poster has waned as a messaging vehicle. The poster has now become a postcard and e-mail blast, leaving many to long for the ...More

Soviet Style

Workers of the world, unite - in admiration of these powerful graphic patterns celebrating the proletariat! Tractors, tools, industrial motifs and the bulging muscles of stylin? ...More

Adrian Frutiger: Forms and Counterforms

In addition to his decades of activity as a designer of typefaces, Adrian Frutiger has for just as long worked on "free" forms. These forms are here assembled in a single volume ...More

Dick Bruna: Boekomslagen

Dick Bruna: Boekomslagen The artist's full name is Hendrik Magdelanus Bruna. He was born in Utrecht on 23 August 1927 and has always lived and worked in the city. He started ...More


First in a new series of monographs that will be devoted to the most successful young designers in the Netherlands. Thonik, formerly known as Gonnissen en Widdershoven, finds itself ...More

Robots: Spaceships and other Tin Toys

Now that computer games have come to stay, tin toys have become obsolete for today's children. For those of us who remember them from times past, these tin toys can transport ...More

Le Livre Du Livre

A lovely, odd collection of book cover designs for books that don't exist. (At least, that's what we think it is: the text is entirely in Japanese and French, so we're ...More

Stash 24

Stash 24 Stash 24 marks our 2nd anniversary and we're celebrating with an inspirational line-up of animation, VFX and motion graphics from some of the most influential talent ...More

Contemporary Newspaper Design

THERE HAS NOT BEEN A BOOK of this scope about graphic design and graphic design issues, as they apply to today's newspapers, for over a decade. Through in-depth, highly visual ...More

Herzog & De Meuron: The Complete Works Volume 3

The third volume in the Complete Works of Herzog & de Meuron, including the very latest projects such as the spectacular Tate Gallery in London and the Californian Dominus winery ...More


Someday some sense will be made for this past tense. Tired and True, these drawings looop. Again. Looop... Bombs Away! Again... A new zine hailing from the Hardland Heartland's ...More

Rem Koolhaas: Projects for Prada Part 1

Rem Koolhaas: Projects for Prada Part 1 Editor: Rem Koolhass, Jens Hommert and Michael Kubo With his inimitable style and unique view of architecture and design in the international ...More

Stash 40

It all starts on the cover when Stuttgart's Unexpected plays rough with rugby-crazed aliens for Snickers, then The Mill gets all theatrical for Noam Murro and PlayStation 3, Shilo ...More


This is a book about design in the Hague/Netherlands from 1945-2004. This book is only available in Dutch, but the book has so many great examples of work, it doesn't really ...More

032c2: Destruction

032c2: Destruction 032c Issue 2 is a great follow-up to the first edition. This issues theme is "Destruction" and combines the worlds of fashion, art, design and more. Colette ...More

Graphic 03

Graphic 02 Graphic signals trends in a wide range of creative disciplines: graphic design, typography, animation, film, photography, illustration, advertisement, art, product ...More

Josef Albers Formulation: Articulation

Josef Albers's 'Formulation: Articulation', issued as a limited edition set of prints in 1972 and published here in book form for the first time, is a unique opportunity ...More

Fashion Wonderland

Fashion Wonderland specifically studies visual illustration in the fashion empire around the globe and depicts its empowerment in various mediums such as print, installation, ...More

Neubau Welt

Neubau Welt Contains 1247 editable vector files. My house, my pool, my wife, my car, my horse, my Learjet, my toys, my trees, my garden, my cockroach. Now it's really all ...More

Graphic 10: Diaries

GRAPHIC is a wide-ranging and in-depth survey of contemporary visual culture, with every issue examining a particular theme. In issue 10 Graphic gets really nosy and naughty and ...More

Julie Verhoeven

The English artist/designer, Julie Verhoeven is much in demand for her creative talent and whimsical yet savage drawings. After working as an assistant for John Galliano and Martine ...More