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For eight straight years we were involved with providing the design community with one of the best, most original and creative book collections online. We brought books like Muller-Brockman's Grid Systems to the masses and helped many independent designers/publishers rise to new fame. In 2009, we decided to stop selling these books in order to focus on our passion of being Graphic Designers and developing fonts/stock art. When the section went offline we had a huge response of sadness because people could no longer reference this information. In response, we have posted this important data back online here, with the proper links to find these items at Amazon (ironic right?). If you would like to help support this library of creative information, click the links from our site to purchase on Amazon and we will gain a little bit of percentage on the sale. You can also drop by YouWorkForThem and grab some beautiful font/stock art collections. Thank you, to all of you who helped support our book section for those eight years of operation.

Jazz Blvd: Niklaus Troxler Posters

Jazz Blvd: Niklaus Troxler Posters Artist: Niklaus Troxler Niklaus Troxler is currently one of the internationally best known Swiss designers. His posters, closely linked with ...More

Design is One

Vignelli is a powerful name in graphic design. Massimo learnt early in his career that a designer should be able to design everything?hence, ?design is one.? Lella and Massimo ...More

Once Upon A Time: Jeremy Fish

San Francisco based artist Jeremy Fish uses a recurring cast of characters to tell tall tales through his finely rendered paintings and illustrations. A bunny, the sea captain, ...More

500 Ideas for Small Spaces

500 Ideas for Small Spaces Lots of small spaces and lots of ideas; this book showcases the variety of innovative ways that small spaces can be transformed into spacious living ...More

Airplane Graphics

Pan Am emblems, Laika and Russian cosmonauts, jet fighters, jumbo jets, assembly guides and helicopters are just a few of the many images collected in this wide-ranging visual ...More

Idea vs tDR 01

The Designers Republic vs IDEA:01 Selected works printed in extraordinary quality with extra colours and special effects. Large format. Dimensions: 10?x14.25? (inches) Pages: ...More

Genevieve Gauckler

Genevieve Gauckler Genevieve Gauckler has had a highly successful career in graphic design and motion work. She started out by designing album covers for F Communications before ...More

PUB No. 1

Pub is the official publication of the Calarts graphic design students. This issue, advised by Jon Sueda, features the art direction of Julie Mattei and contributions from Kim ...More

Relax Magazine: 101

Relax is an awesome magazine from Japan covering modern culture. This issue has an extensive feature on Apple's iPod and the culture surrounding it. Dimensions: 11.75" x 8.25" ...More

Marcel Duchamp & Man Ray: 50 Years Of Alchemy

Drawn from several sources, this catalogue includes works by Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray that address the enduring friendship and shared interests of these two artists. The works ...More


Uncredited is the first book to offer a general and historic insight into the role played by graphic design in films, from the dawn of cinema to the present day. It presents a ...More

We Show Art

We Show Art: 10 Years Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam Editor: Maxine Kopsa, Rogier Schumacher NOTE: Due to the materials used on the cover of this book, it has picked up some ...More

Zero: Hans Schleger

Known by his pseudonym Zero, Hans Schleger was a pivotal figure in the history of modern graphic design. His nom-de-plume sug-gests his devotion to the Bauhaus principle of reduction, ...More

Eye Magazine: Issue 68

This special issue of Eye goes ?Beyond the Canon? of graphic design, to focus on examples that were somehow forgotten, overlooked or undervalued when the histories were first written. ...More

Graphic 03

Graphic 02 Graphic signals trends in a wide range of creative disciplines: graphic design, typography, animation, film, photography, illustration, advertisement, art, product ...More

Op Art

"Thus art is not an object, but an experience." So said Josef Albers, the father of hard-edge abstraction and the 1960s Op Art movement. This bold new catalogue collects the work ...More

Illusive 2

Illusive 2 is a survey of current illustration from around the world; unlike other titles on this subject, all of the work was selected for inclusion based solely on its artistic ...More

The Typography Workbook

The Typography Workbook covers the fundamental areas of the graphic design business. This book presents an abundance of information on type, the cornerstone of graphic design, ...More

Documenta No. 2: Life!

An experimental magazine project by the creative minds behind documenta 12, the world's most important contemporary art event (June 16 to September 23, 2007) The documenta ...More

Relax Magazine: 75_5

Relax Magazine: 75_5 Relax is an awesome magazine from Japan covering modern culture. Imported from Japan. Dimensions: 11.75"x8.25" (inches) Pages: 130 Languages: Japanese ...More

Graphic Idea Notebook: Treasury of Solutions to Visual Problems

This updated edition of the much-heralded classic of page design offers surefire ideas and inspiration to anyone stuck with the task of designing cutting-edge printed material. ...More